Treasured Spaces Digital Scrapbook Kit

Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Kit Karen Schulz

“Treasured Spaces,” a digital scrapbook kit by Karen Schulz Designs, honors the places in your house that have particular meaning to you.

This Collection offers all you need to capture the priceless time you spend there, from a sun-drenched reading corner to a calm garden bench to a small kitchen or other unique location. Featuring a broad range of embellishments, including a vintage teacup, musical notes, garden equipment, and more, you can easily create multiple layouts to reflect the particular character of your prized locations. Clearly distinguish every unique location with the included themed labels, including “My Room,” “Tea Room,” “Craft Room,” “My Kitchen,” “My Garden,” “My Garage,” “Music Room,” “My Front Porch,” and “Reading Room.”

Your layouts might benefit from a special quote card stating, “A Treasured Space is a highly valued area or location that holds special significance to someone.” Choose the ideal backdrop for your images and memories from various exquisitely textured and patterned papers. “Treasured Spaces” is perfect for keeping memories of your favorite locations in your present house or the house where you grew up.

“Treasured Spaces” can be found at:

Karen Schulz Designs | Oscraps | GingerScraps | MyMemories

Save money when you choose to purchase the Collection AND you’ll also receive the Free with Purchase “Treasured Spaces Borders” (not available for purchase separately).

Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Kit Karen Schulz

Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Kit Papers Karen Schulz


Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Word Art Karen Schulz

Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Clusters Karen Schulz

Digital Scrapbook Treasured Spaces Accents Karen Schulz



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I hope using, or even seeing this collection, brings back many happy memories for you and/or reminds you of the special places in your life today.


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