February Featured Collection and Challenge

Heart to Heart Digital Scrapbook Collection by Karen Schulz Designs

Welcome!  I’m happy to present to you my monthly Featured Collection and  Challenge, both designed to inspire you as well as to offer you great savings.

Why Featured Collections?

Featured Collections offer you a unique opportunity to explore design elements, color palettes, and styles that have captivated creative minds before you. These Collections have been fan favorites, and I’m delighted to make them accessible at an exceptional savings for you.

Monthly Featured Collection, Heart to Heart

“Heart to Heart” is a digital scrapbook Collection that has stood the test of time. It not only celebrates love and Valentine’s Day but also can be used to document other occasions. This Collection seamlessly blends traditional charm with a whimsical touch, offering you the perfect toolkit to craft heartfelt memories in a unique way. Whether you want to document your romantic moments, express your feelings, or simply have fun with your loved ones, this Collection has everything you need to create beautiful layouts.

Save 65% on the entire Collection, bringing your investment to $10.99 on this Collection valued at $31.31; or if you prefer to shop individual products, you can still save 30% on the Kit and Extras. These special prices are valid through the month of February and are available at:

Karen Schulz Designs  |  Oscraps GingerScraps  |  MyMemories

Heart to Heart Digital Scrapbook Collection by Karen Schulz Designs

Layout Inspiration by Deanna, Annemarie, Jenny, and Jeanette.


Digital Scrapbooking Monthly Challenge:

Are you ready to stretch your creative mind and talent? My Use-it-All Challenge was designed to do just that.

Challenge rules are simple. I provide you with a complementary digital scrapbooking mini-kit with which you create a layout.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, this challenge is open to and fun for all.

So, join a network of like-minded ladies, share your work with others, and be inspired by others along the way.

This Challenge is offered at:  Oscraps GingerScraps  |  MyMemories.

Visit the shop of your choice to find the Challenge Rules and the link to the Heart to Heart Mini.


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I hope to see you in the Challenge Forum!


P.S. The Featured Monthly Collection and Challenge will change on the first of each month, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back next month.


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