How to Reposition a Photoshop Layer Style Pattern

March 23, 2019

Did you know you can easily reposition a Layer Style’s Pattern when using the full version of Photoshop?

It’s very easy! Here’s how:

  • In the Layers Panel select the layer that has the style you want to adjust.
sd-how-to-move-patterns-in photoshop-tutorial-Snickerdoodle-Designs
  • Click on “Effects” (or anywhere in the “Effects” area, but not on the name of the Layer itself). This will open the Layer Style Panel.
  • Click on Pattern Overlay to make it active.
sd-how-to-move-patterns-in photoshop-tutorial-Snickerdoodle-Designs
  • Click on “Pattern Overlay” in the Layer Style options box on the left to make it active.
  • You can see the entire Pattern on the right, in the Pattern Overlay options box. This is handy for re-positioning reference.
  • Move to your document. Place your cursor on the object to which you have applied the style. In the image above, I have placed the cursor on the rounded rectangle.
  • Left-click and hold down with your mouse, then move your cursor around within the bounds of the object to reposition the pattern.
  • When you are happy with the result, release the mouse.

So how is this useful?

  • For the purposes of this tutorial, I used my seamless Watercolor Styles 01. Because the styles are seamless, I moved around the pattern in just one of the style effects and was able to quickly come up with 9 different looks. The ability to reposition patterns exponentially multiplies the options you have when using seamless styles with color variations.
  • If you are working with a style that is not seamless, and the shape to which you want to apply a style is larger than the pattern size, you will see the pattern seams. Here’s what that would look like:
sd-how-to-move-patterns-in photoshop-tutorial-Snickerdoodle-Designs

By repositioning the pattern, depending upon the size of the style and of the object, you have a good chance of being able to hide the seams. By dragging the pattern a bit to the left, this is the result I was able to achieve with this style:

sd-how-to-move-patterns-in photoshop-tutorial-Snickerdoodle-Designs

Unfortunately, Photoshop Elements users are not able to reposition patterns, but they are able to Scale a pattern, which can be helpful.

In the top menu bar: Layer > Layer Style > Scale Effects.

Another window will open which has a slider, allowing you to make the pattern larger or smaller. When making a pattern much larger than it is intended, you may degrade the quality of the pattern, so that’s just something to be aware of.

sd-how-to-move-patterns-in photoshop-tutorial-Snickerdoodle-Designs

So that’s how you reposition a pattern within a Photoshop Style.

Karen Schulz

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