A Harmless and Silly Child’s Prank


Here’s a fun prank, whether you’re a kid or grown-up, and it’s super easy to do.

So what is a prank? It has been defined as a practical joke or mischievous act. But there are definitely “rules” that should be followed when pranking someone:

  • The prank should just be something temporary.
  • It should never hurt or embarrass anyone.

Our grandchildren, Ella (6 years old) and Owen (8 years old) LOVE to prank their parents. So when they came to stay with us for a few days this week, I showed them an article I had cut out of the newspaper absolutely years ago and asked if they wanted to prank Mom and Dad.

They were ALL in.

Here’s the newspaper article:

Ella said this would be the PERFECT prank because their dad LOVES french fries. And Owen said it would be the PERFECT prank because their mom doesn’t like cake.

Ella and I made the cake, cut up and toasted the strips, and made the “ketchup.” Owen was Quality Control. He said our result really did look like french fries, and the “ketchup” was “totally amazing” (both in taste and looks). He’s a tough critic so we felt pretty sure we would be able to pull off the prank successfully.

When mom and dad ate their french fries and showed their surprise and shock at what they were REALLY eating, Owen and Ella laughed hysterically and thought this prank was the best ever.

It does a child good to pull one over on their parents now and then. As long as it’s a harmless prank, that is.

Shout out to McDonald’s who graciously gave me one of their new, clean, unused french fry containers when I asked for one.

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