All I want for Christmas is a Wood Chipper


There was a time when I would have loved to receive jewelry or new clothes for Christmas. This year, however, I’ve set my sights on something a bit more unconventional – a wood chipper.

No longer tethered to a daily office grind, my accessories and wardrobe updates have taken a backseat. But living in a rural area means confronting the untamed beauty of nature – trees needing a trim, leaves forming unruly piles, and small branches playing a perpetual game of gravity. For nine years, we’ve outsourced the task of taming our surroundings, but this year, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

Enter the wood chipper – not just a pragmatic solution to save on outsourcing expenses, but an instrument to transform fallen branches and dead leaves into valuable mulch. And beyond its utilitarian benefits, the prospect of outdoor physical activity is the real appeal. In a life dominated by computer screens, the allure of fresh air and manual labor tops my list of reasons for wanting a wood chipper.

Yet, I find myself facing some resistance from my husband. His safety concerns are valid, but I can’t help but wonder – is the risk greater than the electric saws I use on my furniture repurposing projects?

With 42 days until Christmas, I’ve set a new goal – to convince him that a wood chipper could be more than just a tool. It could be a shared adventure, an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Picture this: the two of us, working together in the crisp winter air, tackling branches and leaves with the steady hum of the wood chipper as our soundtrack. Imagine the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, the shared accomplishment, and the joy of transforming our outdoor space. We pause to sip a cool drink. Our laughter echoes through the trees.

Sure, it might take some convincing, but isn’t the potential for new, shared experiences worth it? After all, the best gifts aren’t always wrapped in shiny paper and bows – sometimes, they’re found in the unexpected adventures we take together.

So, with 42 days on the Christmas countdown clock, I’m on a mission to turn a seemingly mundane wood chipper into a symbol of a new, shared adventure. Let the countdown begin.





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