Because You Loved Me Digital Scrapbook Collection – Celebrate Love and Relationships



Because You Loved Me: A Digital Scrapbook for Every Kind of Heartfelt Connection

Forget the sappy romance digital scrapbook kits – the “Because You Loved Me” digital scrapbook collection is for all the loves that touch your life, regardless of the type of relationship. Whether it’s a parent, sibling, friend, or partner, this collection has everything you need to create a beautiful scrapbook that captures the essence of your relationship. “Because You Loved Me” celebrates the connections that truly matter.


  • Scrapbooking like a pro,  personalizing your pages with premade Clusters and Accents, adding photos, and supporting your page theme with Word Strips.
  • Telling your story beyond the hearts and flowers. This scrapbook Collection isn’t just for romantic love, although it can be used in that way. Use it to create pages to celebrate your besties, your rockstar parents, or even the incredible pet who brings sunshine to your days. Every kind of love deserves its own unique celebration!
  • Creating heirlooms that last a lifetime. It’s not hard to remember the big events in life that affect us or the people who influence us. It’s easier to forget the everyday things,  like your partner grabbing your hand as you walk, a parent telling you they believe in you, or a child throwing their arms around you spontaneously. Document both the big and the little things with Because You Loved Me.

This isn’t just a digital scrapbook; it’s a love letter to the people who make your life richer, brighter, and full of heart.

“Because You Loved Me” is perfect for:

  • Celebrating friendships: Capture the inside jokes, the wild adventures, and the unwavering support that makes your chosen friends so special.
  • Honoring family bonds: Create a lasting tribute to the parents, siblings, children, and extended family who hold your heart.
  • Remembering furry friends: Give your fur-ever companions the place of honor they deserve with pages dedicated to their playful antics and unconditional love.
  • Cherishing mentors and teachers: Show your gratitude for the people who guided you, inspired you, and helped you become who you are today.
  • Commemorating life’s special moments: From graduations and weddings to everyday joys and triumphs, the “Because You Loved Me” is the perfect Collection to preserve the memories that matter most.

Visit my shops today and start creating digital heirloom pages and albums that celebrate the loves that matter most.

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