Giggles and Grands Digital Scrapbook Kit


Is there anymore more delightful than the giggle of a child? (or grandchild?)  “Giggles and Grands” is a digital scrapbook collection meticulously designed for those who hold the title of grandparents, aspire to be grandparents, or have ever been touched by the warm embrace of a grandparent’s love.

This playful collection celebrates the joy, laughter, and love that fill the air when little ones and their grandparents come together. From paper sail boats to hand-drawn doodles of giggling kids, Giggles & Grands includes a delightful array of elements that evoke the warmth of cherished memories.  Whether it’s a mispronounced word or an unexpected quip, this Collection will help you showcase and preserve those precious moments.

Find “Giggles and Grands” at:

Karen Schulz Designs  |  GingerScraps  |  MyMemories  | Oscraps

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