Enlightening Conversations with Children

Enlightening Conversations with Children -1

Children have a unique way of seeing the world. When our children were young, it was often during our special times together that they would share random thoughts and feelings. Like walking to or from school, or in the car on the way home going to or coming from someplace. Now, as a grandparent, I get to enjoy the conversations that our grandchildren share with their parents.

Yesterday was a Bonus Day for our son. He caught a glimpse into the minds of both Owen and Ella.

Facebook post from our son, in regards to Ella, who is 6:


Enlightening Conversations with Children -1

And on their walk home from school, Owen, who is 8, shared what he had for lunch:

Owen: The cafeteria served kiwi with lunch today……. The fruit, not the bird.

Enlightening Conversations with Children -2


I’m so glad Asher, their little brother, is only 18 months old. We still have many more years of things to learn from the Littles in our family.



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